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San Diego School Board Unanimously Approves a Resolution That Calls on Trustee Sued for Sexual Harassment to Resign

Kevin Beiser is accused of sexual misconduct by several men including one former employee who filed a lawsuit

The San Diego Unified School District School Board unanimously voted to call for the resignation of trustee Kevin Beiser who is accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

In a 4-0 vote, the board passed a resolution during Tuesday’s meeting, calling on Beiser to resign. Though, it does not mean his resignation is mandatory. Moving forward, Beiser can decide to stay in office or step down -- or voters can force him out.

“We don't trust him. And as a trustee, when you lose the public's trust, it's time to go,” said a member of the community, rallying outside the board meeting.

Beiser, who teaches for one local school district and serves as a school board member for another, was accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment by several men including one who filed a lawsuit on March 18. 

The lawsuit was filed by a former employee who accuses Beiser of sexual harassment, hostile work environment, gender violence, sexual battery, sexual assault and emotional distress.

“Mr. Beiser’s resignation is the only reasonable course of action,” said SDUSD Board Vice President John Lee Evans in Tuesday’s meeting.

Nearly a dozen members of the community also voiced their concerns during the meeting.

“I am mad I am sad. And I am disappointed,” said Ilka Weston, a concerned parent in the community.

The San Diego Unified School District School Board is meeting for the first time since trustee Kevin Beiser was sued for sexual harassment. NBC 7’s Rory Devine has more on a vote that could call for, but not force, Beiser’s resignation.

The plaintiff who is identified as "John Doe" in the lawsuit spoke with NBC 7 and described being alone with Beiser in a bar in Washington, D.C. in June 2013. The next day, the plaintiff said he awakened in a hotel room and became aware he had been date-raped, according to the lawsuit. 

Doe would later work for Beiser on his school board campaigns and ask for his endorsement in his own political career. He told NBC 7 he had hoped Beiser would help him with his own political aspirations, but said Beiser "turned out to be a predator."

“I cannot stand silent and see further abuse of young men that are trying to make a way in politics,” Doe said.

Another accuser told NBC 7 about a separate incident in Sacramento where Beiser allegedly touched the accuser's privates while the men rode in a cab. The contact was unwelcome and the accuser told Beiser to stop. 

“It was abuse at a level that I’m still trying to grabble with,” the accuser said.

Voice of San Diego reported on March 19 that several men had approached the news website with allegations of sexual misconduct involving Beiser.

As sexual assault allegations came out against San Diego Unified School Board trustee Kevin Beiser, pressure mounted for his resignation. NBC 7's Rory Devine has more.

In a statement released the day after the lawsuit was filed, Beiser told NBC 7, “We were first made aware of these allegations less than 24 hours ago. There is no truth to these allegations. We believe they are politically motivated and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves.”

However, a report in the VOSD stated a former chair of the local Democratic Party and a member of the Democratic National Committee met with Beiser in January regarding rumors of sexual misconduct involving the school board trustee.


Beiser, a Democrat, has represented District B on the school board since 2010. His current term expires in December 2022.

NBC 7 has attempted to contact Beiser since the allegations were made public and local officials demanded his resignation. Beiser issued one written statement but has not responded to our requests for an interview.

NBC 7's Rory Devine heard from Kevin Beiser's accuser.

Beiser was on leave from his job as a math teacher at Castle Park Middle School, the spokesperson for the Sweetwater Union High School District said.

The San Diego Unified School District told NBC 7, "As this matter will be handled by the courts, the district has no comment on the pending litigation."

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