San Diego

San Diego Residents React to ICE's Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

The possibility of increased deportations raises strong opinions in San Diego.

A crackdown across the U.S. on illegal immigration has sparked mixed reactions from the local community.

More than 600 people were arrested across the nation, as U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has targeted scores of undocumented immigrants. President Donald Trump has called last week's ICE operations a 'crackdown.'

However, the newly appointed Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said these type of operations have been going on for years and are routine.

Although it's not yet clear if ICE will implement a strong crackdown in San Diego County, it's already having an impact on locals. The possibility of increased deportations raises strong opinions.

"I don't think it's right at all, and I wish that families would be able to stay together, but there isn't really much we can do about it," Martiza Vasquez, a San Diego resident, told NBC 7.

Another resident, who supports ICE's immigration enforcement, held a very different view.

“People are here illegally, and if they are committing a crime, then they have every right to deport them,” Linda Moore said.

During last week's raids, 680 people were arrested in operations that took place in five major cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, San Antonio, Atlanta and New York. Most of those arrested had a criminal record, according to Security Secretary Kelly.

Under President Obama's administration there were more than 200,000 removals of undocumented immigrants in 2016, according to ICE's webpage. In those cases, 58 percent of those deported had criminal records.

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