San Diego

San Diego Residents Could Have Unclaimed Money

The City of San Diego released its unclaimed monies report Wednesday, and said anyone who has done business in San Diego within the last three years should check the list.

“We want to refund every single dollar of unclaimed money,” said Cecilia San Pedro, the disbursements manager for the Office of the City Comptroller.

Throughout the year the City of San Diego receives returned checks if an address is no longer valid, according to a statement. Checks amounts have ranged from $1 to $34,000.

The city said a simple internet search could verify whether you have an unclaimed check, and there is no charge to search the data or file a claim.

“Checking to see if you are owed money is something everyone should do periodically, and it only takes a few minutes to look up your name or your business name,” said San Pedro.

There is currently about $764,000 in unclaimed money held in 1,945 accounts by the city.

The City of San Diego said the money claim form can be printed from the Request for Unclaimed Monies, and mailed to the City of San Diego, Office of the City Comptroller.

Verified claims are sent out within four to six weeks, according to a statement.

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