Azalea Park Residents Burglarized, Jewelry Possibly Targeted

Residents in Azalea Park, just west of Chollas Creek, are on high alert after several home burglaries in the last several weeks, they said.

San Diego Police told NBC 7 they are investigating, but at this time, they do not believe the crimes are connected.

Charlene Coffing provided NBC 7 with surveillance video that shows three men enter her home on Feb. 13. About eight minutes into the video, the three men are seen exiting and going toward a red sedan.

One of them stole her family’s safe, she said, and they got away in the red car.

She found out when a neighbor called her.

“[She] said that the front door of our house was open. Both gates opened. The lights were on and our neighbor across the street called 911,” Coffing said.

Coffing said her house had been ransacked, so police came by and took a report.

She noticed jewelry was missing, but not just any jewelry – pieces belonging to her mother-in-law, who passed away suddenly last May.

“My mother-in-law’s things, family heirlooms that were one of a kind that I’ll never get back,” said Coffing.

Coffing isn’t the only Azalea Park resident victimized. Police confirm at least one other case, and neighbors say there have been at least four or five. They believe the burglars are going after jewelry.

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