San Diego Resident Waits to Listen to Supreme Court Gay Marriage Arguments

San Diegans are among those that made the journey to Washington D.C., waiting in line to get the chance to hear arguments in the landmark gay marriage case.

Tuesday, nine justices sitting on the Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. The line outside the court to hear those arguments has been growing since Thursday.

San Diegan Eddie Reynoso has been waiting in line since Friday, camping for his opportunity to watch history unfold.

“The opponents are constantly saying that they’re marching for freedom, they’re marching for marriage, they’re marching for truth,” Reynoso said. “That’s exactly the same thing we’re asking for. We’re asking for marriage, we’re asking for truth and we’re asking for freedom.”

He said the cause is important to him because he one day wants to share his life with someone and believes marriage is an equal right that everyone deserves to have.

When Reynoso spoke with some of the original plaintiffs in San Francisco years ago, they told him and others it would be important to share their stories so they movement could grow.

“The more that we share our story, the more that people will understand that gay people and lesbian people are friends our neighbors our mothers, fathers and sisters,” Reynoso said. “The more we share our story, the more support we gain for our cause.”

Reynoso flew in Friday morning and has been waiting in line since Friday afternoon. He said he has been following the rulings and the developments since 2008.

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