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San Diego Resident Looks to Rise to Challenge on Telemundo's TV Competition ‘Exatlon'

The newest season of "Exatlon Estados Unidos" premieres Monday at 7 p.m. on Telemundo 20

A San Diego athlete trained in the physically-demanding discipline of parkour is taking his skills to the spotlight: he’s a contestant on a TV competition called "Exatlon," which premieres a new season Monday on Telemundo.

The Spanish-language show – which can be seen on Telemundo 20 in San Diego – pits contestants against one another in feats of strength, athleticism and problem-solving. Contestants are divided into teams; each episode, they are tasked with completing elaborate obstacle courses as quickly as possible.

San Diego resident Daniel Osbahr, 26, is among the new crop of contestants on "Exatlon Estados Unidos" this season. He’s on the blue team.

Osbahr has been studying and practicing parkour for nearly 15 years, a military-inspired training discipline that uses movement to get from one point to another in a complex environment, quickly and efficiently.

Osbahr told NBC 7 and Telemundo 20 that his sport requires both mental and physical ability, and plenty of troubleshooting.

"To me, parkour is a beautiful discipline; I think of it as martial arts," he explained.

He said parkour is also a metaphor for life.

"There’s always a challenge to life," Osbahr said. "And there’s never really a way to get out of it, and the way to cope with it is to really, slowly put yourself into it."

Osbahr hopes his training will come in handy as he competes on "Exatlon."

He told NBC 7 he’s looking to challenge himself like never before through the TV competition; to really push his limits and see what he can achieve.

"I really want to push through those moments that I tell myself, 'I can’t,' and give more than I ever did," Osbahr said.

The athlete said he gravitated toward parkour as a child, always appreciating the focus involved in the discipline. He began practicing parkour at the age of 12 when he lived in Mexico. He said he’s always enjoyed finding his rhythm and movement through obstacles.

"It’s meditative, but with a lot of intensity," he explained, adding that he always strives to find the "calm" while strategizing how not to fall in parkour.

Osbahr and his mother moved to the United States in 2006. They lived in Ohio before making San Diego their home in 2010.

He said he’s grateful that his mother saw a better opportunity for him in the U.S. and credits her with teaching him all about work ethic and determination.

Osbahr said he sees "Exatlon" as a "good opportunity" to put his skills and life lessons to use and, hopefully, to bring home a win.

Osbahr’s family will be rooting for him Monday night. His wife, Brittney Osbahr – whom he met while working as an instructor at a local gym – has organized an "Exatlon Estados Unidos" viewing party at the Apex School of Movement on Ronson Road.

Fans can keep up with Osbahr’s progress on the Telemundo competition via the show's website.

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