San Diego Rescue Crews Help Fire Victims

Members of the San Diego Rescue Task Force are assisting fire victims in Orange County

The left the area on Sunday morning.  The rapid spread of the fires in Yorba Linda, Anaheim Hills and other areas caught rescue workers off guard. 

 "We were not planning to go but when we saw how quickly it spread, we immediately put a plan together," said Gary Becks with Rescue Task Force.

Becks says his group would take few supplies since they could purchase anything they need from stores not affected by the fire. 

Executive officer Andrea Stone said the group will first visit evacuation centers to assess the needs of victims. Their focus, as in all relief efforts would be alleviation of suffering.

"For people who have evacuated or lost their homes that could be a cup of coffee or a blanket just to let them know that someone cares and that people haven't forgotten them," said Stone.  She also said fire victims usually appreciate gift cards.  "They say money can't buy happiness but in this case it works pretty well," Stone said.

The group says purchase of shovels and other equipment will happen after the fires are extinguished.  Donations can be made on the Rescue Task Force web site.

A strike team from San Diego County is also assisting firefighters in Sylmar.  Division Chief Jon Canavan, with the Poway Fire Department, witnessed the devastation first-hand.

"We did drive by a mobile home park where the losses were just catastrophic. You can tell that just the fire had burned with such intensity because we were told what used to be there were 10-to 12-foot high vegetation and trees and oak trees. And right now, it's moonscaped," he said.

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