SDPD Pursues Driver in South Bay

One person was taken into custody after a police pursuit reaching approximately 90 mph took place on surface streets in the South Bay Tuesday.

The chase began just after 8:30 a.m. near Piper Ranch Road and Otay Mesa Road in Otay Mesa. The driver failed to pull over and led San Diego Police on a chase with estimated speeds of up to 90 mph.

Officers were responding to call reporting a possible car break-in. When they ran the plate, the car came back as stolen.

Baltazar Cruz discovered his car stolen as he walked out of work Monday aftternoon. That's when he says he filed a police report.

"They basically asked me if I had a license plate number for the vehicle. I did. I wrote them down two weeks before this happened. I'm lucky I did, and I guess they found it now," Cruz said.

The pursuit ended at Dairy Mart Road & Camino De la Plaza where the driver crashed the car into a ditch. The driver was taken to the hospital with complaints of a leg injury.

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