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Economically Disadvantaged Communities in San Diego Designated ‘Promise Zone'

San Diego's designated 'promise zone' is made up of three of the City's most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods

A section of San Diego that includes some of its most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods has been designated a 'promise zone' by the Obama administration, a move that could help the area see increased funding and growth. 

The 'promise zone' initiate pairs Federal government partners with local leaders to help bolster resources to local agencies and give support to targeted communities, according to a statement by the White House Press Office. 

Areas designated 'promise zones' get more Federal support for local leaders in high-poverty communities in a move to create jobs, improve education, increase affordable housing and other locally-chosen priorities. 

"They're communities that develop a holistic plan to ensure that every child's course in life is determined not by the zip code she's born in, but by the scope of her dreams," President Obama wrote in a post on Medium.

San Diego's designated 'promise zone' is made up of three of the City's most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods: bounded by the San Diego Unified Port District to the west, downtown San Diego and State Route 94 to the north, National City to the south and the City of Lemon Grove to the east. 

Some of the funding will target the 40.1 percent unemployment rate among youths aged 16 to 24 in the area, according to a statement from the White House. The City of San Diego and its partners will also work to ameliorate the high crime rates and lack of affordable housing. 

Areas previously designated 'promise zones' have received more than $550 million in federal funding, the White House said. 

The recent San Diego region selected as a 'promise zone' is in the third and final round of promise zone selections. Nashville, South Los Angeles, Atlanta, Evansville, Spokane Tribe of Indians in Washington, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, North Dakota, Southwest Florida, and Puerto Rico's Ceiba, Fajardo, and Naguado Municipalities were also selected as promise zones.

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