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San Diego Police Officer, Longtime Member of Mayor's Protection Detail, In Need of Kidney Transplant

A veteran San Diego Police officer is in need of a kidney transplant, and now his family and friends are organizing a fundraiser and donor awareness campaign.

Officer Art Calvert, 52, has been with the San Diego Police Department for 23 years. He has served for the past ten years on the department’s Mayor Protection Detail. That means he has essentially been the body guard for Mayor’s Sanders, Filner, Gloria, and Faulconer.

He’s also been witness to some of the city’s most recent, and controversial, events.

“Yes, I’m that fly on the wall, and this fly will never speak. My tongue is tied and sewn shut,” said the personable Calvert.

This is not the first time Calvert has been forced to deal with serious health issues. He’s had two previous kidney transplants, the first from his mother. When her donor kidney eventually failed, Calvert’s sister Charlotte donated her kidney to keep her brother alive. But now, after almost seven years, her kidney has failed.

“We have a very close bond, and to see him suffer, some days he has great days, some days he can’t even get out of bed. That hurts to see that," said Charlotte Calvert.

Art Calvert has been on dialysis for the last two years.

“Nine hours of dialysis a day, plus another hour session in the middle of the day really takes a toll on me. It’s wiping my body out and sometimes it gets my spirits down, so I’m trying to stay positive," he said. 

Family and friends have organized a golf fundraiser for May 16.

“This is really overwhelming. I’m kind of embarrassed to even be doing this and going through this. I’m grateful and thankful for everything,” said Calvert.

More information on the fundraiser and Calvert’s story can be found here. 

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