SDPD Northwestern Division Gets AEDs for Patrol Cars

More than a dozen San Diego Police patrol cars got life-saving technology Wednesday as part of an ongoing effort to outfit first responders with Automated External Defibrillators.

Fourteen AED's have been placed in patrol cars used by SDPD's Northwestern Division.

Police officers will be trained to use these automatic external defibrillators when they're out on patrol.

San Diego City Councilmember Mark Kersey said they're easy to use and have automated voice instructions.

“Our police officers are often the first ones on the scene of an emergency,” Kersey said. “Having them equipped with this AED, this life-saving technology makes good sense. They can help save lives.”

Funding for the AEDs was authorized by Kersey and Council President Sheri Lightner through their community programs, projects and services funds.

Northwestern Division serves roughly 70,000 people in communities of Black Mountain, Carmel Valley, and Sorrento Valley. Each defibrillator costs roughly $1400.

In March 2015, the patrol cars in the SDPD Northeastern Division received the devices.

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