San Diego Padres Manager Balances Busy Schedule

Padres manager Bud Black is a busy man.

Aside from team meetings, scouting reports, in-game management, meeting with players individually when necessary, filling out lineup cards, meeting with team doctors to get injury updates, and throwing batting practice, Buddy meets with the media. He meets with the media a lot.

Amazingly, in each one (with only very few exceptions) he shows patience and humor, which is crazy when you see the full breakdown:

  • About 50 scheduled times during Spring Training.
  • Add around 10 or so more for national or 1-on-1 interviews.
  • In-season he holds a media session before and after every game for a total of 324.
  • Plus about 10 for random workouts, player acquisition press conferences, and awards banquets.
  • About 30 radio interviews.

That gives us a grand total of…424 media meetings every year (give or take a dozen). Buddy did not know that number specifically, but he did explain how he does what he does...

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