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San Diego Nurses Push to Get Black and Latino Residents Vaccinated

There are several factors that have led to low rates of vaccinations in the Black and Latino communities

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Vaccine rates show there are still barriers for Black and Latino communities in San Diego County. On Sunday, in Encanto, the San Diego Black Nurses Association hosted a vaccination clinic to help close the gap.

“It feels like freedom to me like we can get back to our lives. This is Sunday. We should be in church,” said Gerri Webb.

Webb received her second dose of Moderna along with three friends to who she gave rides. The event was held at the Bayview Baptist Church.

Five-Hundred vaccine doses were given during Sunday's clinic. Among the recipients was Francine Howell.

“I want to travel, but I’m still kind of scared but at least I’m vaccinated,” said Howell.

There are several factors that have led to low rates of vaccinations in the Black and Latino communities. Among them is access to technology and transportation.

“It’s everything because you have people who can’t get around. You have people who don’t have transportation and if you have to drive out to La Jolla or something to get a shot it’s not gonna happen,” said Webb.

Latinos make up more than half of all COVID-19 cases in the county, but only 17.7% are vaccinated. Only 2.3% of vaccinations have gone to Black people while they make up 5% of San Diego's population.

San Diego County Vaccination Dashboard as of March 14, 2021.

Community leaders also want to change vaccine hesitancy.

Terry Wayne Brooks is the Senior Pastor at Bayview Baptist Church and says many in his congregation were skeptical.

“Absolutely. I included. But San Diego Black Nurses, we partnered with them. Hearing our African American doctors talk to us about the vaccine and to tell us the science and the truth behind it and dispel some of the rumors and internet talk,” said Brooks.

The goal was to vaccinate 700 people but Moderna supply issues kept the number to 500 on Sunday.

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