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San Diego Nonprofit Dedicated to Helping Pet Owners Creates New Online Fundraiser

With FACE Foundation's new online shopping site, proceeds will go to continue helping pet parents cover the costs of emergency veterinarian visits

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A San Diego-based nonprofit organization has been credited for saving the lives of thousands of pets after their owners had no way to pay for emergency vet bills. Like many nonprofits, this one has also had some trouble fundraising during the pandemic to continue on with their good deeds.

FACE Foundation was created back in 2006 by a group of veterinarians and community members to help pet owners in an emergency when they have no other options.

The nonprofit partners with more than 180 veterinary practices across San Diego County to provide financial assistance grants to pets and their families who need extra help during life-saving emergencies.

The veterinarians each give a 25% discount to FACE cases to help give back as well, so it’s been a group effort.

So far, the organization has helped save nearly 3,000 family pets who needed some type of critical care, but whose owners just didn't have the money to pay for emergency services. A matter of life or death can be a difficult choice for pet parents when it comes to what can often result in thousands of dollars in vet bills

Randi Tieken knows that kind of experience all too well. Her Jack Russell Terrier, Mary, was attacked by a coyote and almost didn't make it. Faced with mounting veterinarian bills, Tieken sought support from the FACE Foundation.

“You know when you see your animal and it’s a decision about life and death, but you know if you had the funds it would save her life? That’s where FACE Foundation came in," Teiken explained.

Nearly in tears, Teiken recalled the relieving moment she learned she was eligible for the organization's assistance.

"They agreed that we qualified for the surgery, and immediately we brought her in, we had the surgery," she said.

FACE Foundation has had a rough year because of the pandemic and not being able to hold its usual fundraising events in person has further strained the nonprofit.

But organizers are hoping a new option will help raise some much-needed donations.

The organization launched a new online shopping site that's stocked with different gifts and accessories for sale. The items have all been donated and all proceeds go right back to FACE.

“All of these items have been donated to FACE Foundation so that we’re able to just sell them and 100 percent of those profits just go to our mission and to our cause," said Danae Davis, FACE Foundation's Executive Director. "It’s definitely a community event, we are relying on our supporters to continuously not only support FACE Foundation but also support our new effort such as Wag N Purr Shop."

For more information on FACE Foundation and its services, click here.

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