San Diego Named 14th Safest Trick-or-Treating City by Zillow

Carmel Valley, La Jolla, Del Mar, Sunset Cliffs and Black Mountain Ranch were listed as the best places in the county to get candy

San Diego was just named by Zillow, an online real estate company, as the 14th safest place in the country to trick-or-treat.

They specify five neighborhoods that are the best for getting candy in the least amount of time: Carmel Valley, La Jolla, Del Mar, Sunset Cliffs and Black Mountain Ranch.

“Well, Halloween's a pretty big time out here in Carmel Valley,” resident Janice Kersey tells NBC 7. “There’s tons of kids that live in the area. They’re all costumed up and just tons of candy. It's a really good time.”

Zillow's trick-or-treat index compares the value of single family homes’ crime rates and how close houses are to each other as well as the age of people who live there.

Kersey says her candy is already half gone because they bought it too early in October. “I mean I think I have as much fun as they do,” she says. “My traditional Halloween cauldron’s all set to go.”

Three girls who were out for some last minute Halloween shopping agree La Jolla is the best place to go.

“I mean they give out really good candy bars,” one girl says. “I mean they don't give out Fun Size, they give out real stuff.” They say a lot of the houses are decorated nicely as well.

Brandie Cargile prefers to take her three kids trick-or-treating at businesses in her own neighborhood while it’s still light out.

“It’s safe trick or treating so there's not worries about fake candies that are like laced,” she says. “And then the clown situation that's happening. They've actually been seen in Ramona and around here so were not going out at night with the kids.”

Wherever you go trick-or-treating Monday remember to always stay in an area you’re familiar with, plan a route in advance, stay in well-lit areas, watch for cars and check your child’s candy when you get back home.

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