San Diego Named One of America's “Most Attractive” Cities

Silver medal for attractiveness? Surely San Diego can do better

America's Finest City has a new meaning according to a recent survey.

Every year, readers of Travel + Leisure rank cities in categories like parks, luxury shops or craft beers.

Here in San Diego, it's our good-looking locals that got us noticed.

In fact, it's the second year in a row that we've come in.... second.

Who could possibly be considered better-looking than those surfing the waves in Carlsbad, running along the Oceanside coast or strolling the Mission Beach boardwalk?

If you believe Travel+Leisure, it's the people of South Beach.

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Yes. Miami was ranked first in "most attractive" residents.

This has us stumped.

We've both got sun, sand, palm trees - what gives?

Perhaps it's the fact that Miami also ranked first in nightclubs. Beer goggles, anyone?

At least we ranked above Los Angeles (4). We've got that going for us.

See the full ranking here.

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