San Diego Minimum Wage Increases on Jan. 1

The third and final phase of the minimum wage increase approved in 2016 for the city of San Diego takes effect on January 1

The minimum wage for workers within the city of San Diego will increase to $12 an hour under a city ordinance approved three years ago.

The third and final phase of the minimum wage increase takes effect on Jan. 1.

In June 2016, voters approved a measure increasing the minimum wage to a level that was higher than the state's minimum wage requirement at the time. 

A month later, the minimum wage for workers at small businesses in the city of San Diego officially increased to $10.50 an hour. 

In January 2017, the minimum wage increased to $11.50 an hour. 

Tips and gratuities are not included in the calculation of minimum wage. 

California’s minimum wage laws can be confusing.

As of Jan. 1, 2019, the minimum wage in California is $11 an hour for businesses with 25 employees or less and $12 an hour for employers with 26 employees or more.

Under the schedule for minimum wage increases, the rates will reach $14 and $15 respectively by Jan. 1, 2022.

However, cities and counties can establish higher minimums and have done so.

To check if your business or workplace resides within the boundaries of the city of San Diego, click here for an interactive map. 

If you or someone you know believes their rights under the city's ordinance have been violated, a complaint can be filed here.

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