Mayor Filner Wrapping Up Rehab

San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith confirmed Filner had entered rehab one week before expected

Embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has nearly completed his two-week therapy program, the San Diego City Attorney confirmed on Friday.

San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said the mayor entered rehab one week before expected and has nearly completed the program.

Filner's camp said the mayor will officially complete his therapy program on Saturday.

"Upon completion of the treatment program, Mayor Filner is planning to continue therapy sessions on an outpatient basis. Mayor Filner is taking personal time next week," a spokesperson with the mayor's team said.

Also on Friday -- on the orders of the mayor’s Chief of Staff -- some locks inside the mayor’s office were changed, Goldsmith confirmed. He would not disclose how many locks were changed, but did say he agreed with the move.

The new locks were added to some offices as part of the ongoing investigation, though further details were not released.

In a press conference on Jul. 26, Filner announced he would enter a two-week “intensive therapy” program to correct his behavior beginning on Aug. 5. He said he would return to work on Aug. 19.


In the Jul. 26 press conference, Filner acknowledged that his "failure to respect women, and the intimidating contact, is inexcusable."

Filner has been under fire for weeks regarding accusations of sexual harassment. Numerous women have come forward claiming they were victims of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and unwanted advances at the hands of the mayor.

Those victims include his former employee Irene McCormack Jackson, who has filed a lawsuit via prominent attorney Gloria Allred.

McCormack Jackson was the first victim to go public, claiming Filner often asked her to have sex with him, would hold her in the now-infamous “Filner Headlock” and once told her she would do a better job if she worked without panties.

The growing list of additional victims who have come forward with sexual harassment claims involving Filner include Laura Fink, Morgan Rose, Joyce Gattas, Patti Roscoe, Ronne Froman, Sharon Bernie-Cloward, Lisa Curtin, Michelle Tyler and Katherine Ragazzino.

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