San Diego Area School's Flea Infestation Causes Health Concerns

"It’s really bothering most of the students trying to focus on their work,” a fifth grader tells NBC 7

Linda Vista Elementary School has helped Estrella Pena learn a lot in her 11 years.

However, the fifth grader is faced with a new challenge - how to deal with her pesky new classmates.

“I do feel them crawling on my body," Pena said.

The Linda Vista Elementary student says she and her other schoolmates are being bitten by schools of fleas.

“My friend that sits next to me has been bitten all over,” said Cynthia Aguillar.

The infestation has obviously become a major distraction for Estrella.

“Take care of the problem,” Estrella urged school officials. “Because it’s really bothering most of the students trying to focus on their work.”

The problem has become so bad according to San Diego Unified School district officials that the auditorium has been locked down after three attempts to exterminate the pests have failed.

A promotion ceremony scheduled in the auditorium for July 21 has been moved to a neighboring school in the interest of health and safety.

“Over the weekend, the school’s custodian tried a non-toxic
treatment... discovered on the Internet of baking soda and salt," the district told parents in a statement. "This treatment was unsuccessful…"

"The district’s Pest Management technician has been called in again.”

Parents and students were angry the school posted warning signs on doors alerting them to the problem instead of sending a letter home.

"It’s very upsetting this issues been going on for a while and no one informed parents," said Estrella’s father Francisco Pena.

Parents and students say this has been at least a month long

The San Diego Unified School District didn't confirm that or what sparked the problem.

Parents and students say they're happy Montgomery Middle School is welcoming them for next week's graduation celebration.

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