San Diego Legend Gets His Own Statue

NBA Hall of Famer is honored for another sporting pursuit

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Courtesy of Dugan Strategic Marketing
Courtesy Dugan Strategic Marketing
A bronze statue of Bill Walton with his bicycle and trademark smile was unveiled on Saturday at Ski Beach Park in Mission Bay. The statue is truly life-sized, standing 6-feet-11 and weighing 1,200 pounds.
Courtesy Dugan Strategic Marketing
Alison Brown is the sculptor who created the statue. To create the monument, Brown took exact measurements of Walton’s bicycle, his shoes, and other personal items (including, of course, the Grateful Dead shirt). These were carefully replicated in the finished work, a life-size, highly-detailed replica of the man himself.
Courtesy of Dugan Strategic Marketing
The statue will likely be moved to several places around San Diego County before a final destination is decided upon.
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