Sea Slugs and Moon Jellies Spotted in Mission Bay

Eye-catching creatures have recently turned up in San Diego’s Mission Bay, but they are no strangers to the area.

Navanax, more commonly known as sea slugs, and moon jellyfish were spotted in Mission Bay by a NBC 7 viewer on Tuesday. Despite their seemingly exotic appearance, both species are very common in the bay, according Mike Shane, a researcher at the Hubbs-Sea World Institute.

The viewer, Roberta Lenert, estimated she saw hundreds of the jellyfish.

Even though the sea slugs and moon jellies are native, El Nino’s warm currents have brought some unfamiliar species north, explained Shane.

In September 2015, rare Australian Spotted Jellyfish were seen throughout South Bay.

It was suspected the jellyfish were swept up in El Nino currents, which led them to San Diego. The jellyfish were taken to the Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista.

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