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San Diego Humane Society President Travels to Poland to Help Pets Affected By War in Ukraine

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San Diego Humane Society President Gary Weitzman was leaving Sunday on a 10-day mission to Poland to provide veterinary care and help set up a border crossing clinic to support pets impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Weitzman was also bringing veterinary supplies to the ADA Foundation, a no-kill animal shelter in Przemysl, Poland, 30 minutes from the border with Ukraine.

Weitzman was invited to deploy as part of Greater Good Charities' response to the Ukraine crisis. The charity is on the ground assisting with the humanitarian effort.

"As soon as the war broke out in Ukraine, we started looking for ways to support people with pets and animals left behind by this tragedy,'' Weitzman said. "When we learned that our partner, Greater Good Charities, was seeking additional veterinary support, we immediately offered to help. Our goal is to make an impact for animals and people in this tragic crisis.''

Weitzman added, "We’re in for the long haul, this is going to be months of work. This will be the beginning of sending teams over to help as much as we can."

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