San Diego Hop Farms Grow Amid Thriving Craft Beer Industry

San Diego's thriving craft beer industry has spurred the growth of an agriculture business: hop farms. Here's a look at fresh hops in all their glory, being harvested as we speak in America's Finest City.

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According to the San Diego Farm Bureau, there are now 15 hop growers in the county compared to zero almost a decade ago.
NBC 7 San Diego
Hop farms have seen large growth thanks to San Diego's thriving craft beer scene.
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It is currently hop harvest season in San Diego, and brewers are hopping at the chance to create "wet hop" style beers with the plant.
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Brewing with whole, fresh, hop flowers is a process known as “wet hop.”
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This type of beer has grown in popularity over the past decade, but it’s not cheap to produce.
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A batch of wet hop beer will use several times as many hops as a typical brew, all for a flower that will only soak in the beer for about 90 minutes of the nearly two-week-long brewing process.
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Gary Johndro, who owns San Diego Golden Hop Farm, has about 1,400 hop plants right now. He expects to sell the entire hop haul over the next couple of weeks.
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Nickel Beer Co. in Julian and Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery are a couple of San Diego-based breweries that produce wet hop beer.
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Hops typically thrive in the much wetter, longer summer days of the Pacific Northwest, but San Diego growers have found certain varieties of the plant do very well in Southern California.
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