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Rescued Yorkies Available for Adoption: SD Humane Society

Ed. Note: Since this article was published, the humane society is no longer accepting applications for the dogs' adoption. Staff said 1,500 applications were received for 90 dogs. 

Dozens of Yorkie and Yorkie mix-breed dogs rescued from a home in Poway are now available for adoption, the San Diego Humane Society announced Thursday.

Applications will be accepted for more than 80 of the dogs that are ready to be placed in new homes.

Volunteers and staff with the SDHS have evaluated the dogs. The animals have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and groomed, the organization said. Some dogs received dental care.

Anyone interested can submit an application through noon Saturday, Feb. 4. After the applications have been reviewed, there will be a lottery of those approved by SDHS staff.

The agency said they will contact each family individually to set up an appointment so as to not overwhelm the dogs.

On January 20, animal service workers seized 92 Yorkshire terriers and Yorkshire terrier mix breed dogs from a home in Poway.

Officials said the owners, an elderly couple, sought out help for the animals that were living in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions. 

Four days later, an additional 29 Yorkie mix-breed dogs were found at the same home.

You can find out more on the adoption process here.

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