Andrew Johnson

30-Foot Boat Sinks in La Playa Cove in Shelter Island

A 30-foot-long boat has partially sunk in La Playa Cove on Sunday morning, according to the San Diego Harbor Police Department.

The power vessel could be seen almost entirely submerged near Scott Street and Bessemer Street in Shelter Island just after 8 a.m.

The ship's bow and blue awning could be seen protruding from the waters.

Jeff Gough, who owns a boat near the area, rowed over to the scene to see if anyone was trapped inside.

"I first was kind of shocked and then most important like the Harbor Police was doing you look to make sure nobody is stuck in an air pocket where the windows are," he said. "The boat are situated with air pockets and if somebody is stuck in there you want to make every effort to get them out."

Harbor Patrol divers were expected to inspect the boat before a towing crew can safely get it out of the water

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