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MAP: Save $$$ at San Diego's Cheapest Gas Stations

Small drop as wholesale prices slip

It's not much but even a drop of 2/10ths of a penny could bring hope to San Diego drivers.

That's how much gas prices have come down since Monday. Thursday's average, according to AAA, is $4.06.

Wholesale prices have come down 3¢ since Monday which means local stations could start lowering prices when they refill their underground tanks. The biggest drop in spot prices is at the independent stations where prices are down 5¢.

Consumer Bob says to wait to fill your tank because prices will probably start to drop a few pennies by early next week.

The average price for diesel in San Dieg is $4.04.

NBC 7 Responds wanted to find out where are the cheapest gas prices in San Diego County. To see what we found, look below.

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