San Diego Freeways Are a Pain in the…

Learn how to reduce your aching back caused by commuting

    Ever notice the wrinkle between the brow of a co-worker coming to the office or the clutching of the back, that is if he or she has a hand free from carrying the Starbucks coffee or their laptop? That could be the grimace of a commuter in back pain. Local doctors are  finding commuter gridlock could be the cause.

     Studies have found that workers who spend three hours a day or at least half their time driving are three times more likely than average workers to have back pain according to Alvarado Hospital. "It's freeway back misery when you add traffic , tension, adjusting a bluetooth headset, shuffling CDs, or changing the dial on you iPod as you manage the wheel ", saysKam Raiszadeh, M.D. a spine surgeon and director at the hospital.

     Since obviously giving up your job isn't the option especially when you're lucky to have one, Dr. Raiszadeh offers up these tips including one about where to stick your wallet.

    -Stretch out slowly in the morning and avoid vigorous exercise because it is at this time that discs are more filled with fluid and especially prone to injury.

    -Put your walled in your breast pocket. The bulk of a wallet can press on the sciatic nerve when you sit and drive.

    -Learn to recognize when you're getting uptight. Put on relaxing music. And try to stretch one leg and arm at a time.

    -And don't be lazy. Park your vehicle far away from where you have to walk. It's good exercise before you have to get back in the car to drive again.

    For more information click on : Alvarado Hospital

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