San Diego Flight Makes Emergency Landing

A Southwest Airlines flight made an emergency landing Saturday morning at Lindbergh Field, after a flight crew reported smoke in the cockpit. 

The flight from San Diego International Airport to Baltimore was carrying 129 passengers and 5 crew members, according to Southwest Airlines spokesman Chris Mainz.  

"A flight attendant reported an odor of smoke to the captain right around 7:15 a.m., right as the plane was taking off," Mainz said. "They made the decision - out of precaution -  to return to San Diego." 

No one was injured.

The passengers were rescheduled on another flight, but were expected to be delayed by about two hours.

"The captain just said, 'We smell something funny, so we are just going to land in San Diego,'" passenger Patricia Vannatter told NBC7. "I'd say the mood was very light. Nobody was flipping out. We were more concerned that we were going to have a delay more than anything else."

An airport spokesman confirmed radio reports that the situation was critical enough for some to place on their oxygen masks, but stressed that there were no injuries.

The flight number was Southwest Airlines 3252, Mainz confirmed.

The plane with the electrical problem was pulled out of service and will be inspected. It will remain out of service until the cause of the smoke or odor of smoke is determined, airport officials said.


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