San Diego Earth Fair to Draw Crowds to Balboa Park

San Diego Earthworks' EarthFair 2019 is slated to draw crowds of people to Balboa Park on Sunday, April 28. 

Exhibits and information on how to help the environment will be scattered in various locations all through the park with a children's area, a food court and a parade planned as well. 

Consider stopping by the EarthFair Reuse and Repair area where you may be able to learn how tou can repair or reuse something instead of sending it to the landfull. There wil be demonstrations throughout the day to promote a Zero Waste society. 

Attendees can gain information on alternative fuels including hybrids in the Pan American Plaza or find out more about clean air and clean water products. 

There will be wildflife preservation groups as well as people passionate about organic gardening and home composting. 

The event is free and will include an EarthFair parade with participants dressed up as endangered species that will kick off near the Spanish Village around 10:30 a.m. and work its way through to the Children's Area. 

The event is free and runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Because the festival is expected to draw up to 60,000 people according to organizers, they are suggestioning alternative transportation ranging from walking to biking to taking mass transit. 

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