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PD: Driver Shot in Head Before Crashing Near Escondido Home

A mysterious shooting Wednesday involved a man shot in the head while driving a car that later crashed into the front yard of an Escondido home.

Escondido police investigating a car crash in the front yard of a home discover the driver had been shot in the head while driving. Now, officers are investigating if the shooter was driving a car or on foot at the time of the shooting.

The car crashed through a fence in the front yard of a home on West 15th Avenue in Escondido just after 12:30 a.m.

The driver suffered a gunshot wound to the head and was rushed into surgery at a nearby hospital.

No weapon was found inside the vehicle however, police said they did find several rounds in the passenger side of the victim’s car.

Investigators are not sure if the person who pulled the trigger was inside the car or if the victim may have been firing a weapon at the shooter at the same time he was injured.

The driver was conscious when officers arrived.

No other information was immediately available.

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