San Diego Deemed 9th Drunkest City

Which U.S. city drank the most alcohol in 2011?

This shouldn’t surprise anyone: San Diego was recently ranked the ninth drunkest city in the U.S. by The Daily Beast.

The popular news aggregator used data from Experian Simmons to see how many alcoholic drinks residents imbibed each month. They also looked at population size and alcoholic related death research from the Center for Disease Control.

An average San Diegan will drink roughly 14 drinks per month, according to the study. About 7 percent of adults in the city are considered heavy drinkers, with 17.7 percent being binge drinkers.

The high numbers may be thanks to multiple colleges throughout San Diego, or the beach bar scene.

Highest on the list was Boston, Mass. which has about 20 percent of the population cited as binge drinkers.

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