San Diego County Water Authority Unveils Live WaterSmart Campaign

Officials discussed the region’s commitment to long-term water efficiency, and other water conservation topics.

The San Diego County Water Authority unveiled the Live WaterSmart campaign on Tuesday, its latest water-efficiency movement in the region.

Live WaterSmart is a campaign aimed at promoting water-efficiency practices in everyday life, while offering some free water-saving services and tips to San Diegans.

Members from the San Diego County Water Authority and its Board of Directors, San Diego Gas & Electric, Water Conservation Garden and water-efficiency professionals came together at a house in the Kensington neighborhood for the campaign launch.

Officials demonstrated a "Water-Use Checkup" inside a Kensington home. It's a free service that takes about an hour, one of many resources offered by the Water Authority.

They also shared some of their top ten ways to live "Water-Smart."

"Simple things like washing laundry with full loads, going to car washes that recycle water, replacing older appliances with more water efficient water-sense modules," said Jim Madaffer, secretary of the San Diego County Water Authority's Board of Directors.

By turning off the water while brushing teeth, you can save two gallons per minute.

Officials discussed the region’s commitment to long-term water efficiency, as well as the latest trends in water conservation.

The Water Authority also released water usage reports for the month of June, the first month following the lift of state-mandated water-use restrictions, which showed water usage down 23 percent compared to June of 2013.

“The San Diego region has always been water challenged,”  San Diego County Water Authority Board of Directors Chair Mark Weston said. “Our water leaders have met each new challenge with innovative and creative new solutions for decades.”

According to the Water Authority, San Diego’s water usage is down by 39 percent since 1990 despite a growth in population by more than a third in the same span.

Poster boards were on display around the property with additional WaterSmart tips, while high-efficiency spray nozzles and low-water landscaping reading materials were given out.

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