San Diego

San Diego County Officials Deny Asking for Border Wall

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that his administration will move forward with the construction of a proposed border wall in San Diego, at the county's request.

"San Diego has asked us to go forward with their section of the wall in California rather than not doing that and letting them lobby for us with Governor Brown we decided to do it," the president said.

President Trump visited Otay Mesa in March to see the prototypes of a proposed border wall constructed in the area for testing.

Since then, he's tweeted San Diego was pushing to have a border wall built.

NBC 7 reached out to the San Diego Board of Supervisors to confirm that local officials have requested the proposed border wall be built. 

They denied the president's claims and have not taken a stance on a border wall.

Supervisors voted in April to support the president's legal challenge to California's 'sanctuary state' law.

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