Flags, Signs Honor Slain Navy SEAL in Coronado

Coronado school kids, encouraged to wear red, white and blue Friday, will be lining the streets

An overwhelming show of public support embraced the funeral procession of a U.S. Navy SEAL Friday in Coronado, California.

The military town located southwest of downtown San Diego has long been a home to the U.S. Navy and the SEAL program. On Friday, residents lined the streets holding American flags in honor of Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator Charles Keating IV.

Coronado school kids, encouraged to wear red, white and blue Friday, held signs and watched the procession for the island's adopted son.

Keating was killed in combat on May 3 about 14 miles north of Mosul in an attack launched by 125 ISIS fighters, Pentagon officials said. He was part of a small force sent to fend off the attack.

A native of Arizona, Keating made a home with his new wife Brooke and her family in Coronado, near the headquarters for SEAL Team One.

U.S. Navy SEALs from around the country arrived in San Diego to attend the funeral service held at Sacred Heart Church Friday.

After the service, a funeral procession traveled along 6th Avenue to Rosecrans National Cemetery in Point Loma.

Krista Keating-Joseph, told NBC 7 San Diego her son wished to be buried as close as possible to Coronado Amphibious Naval Base. Keating wanted to be near his beloved SEAL Team One, she said, instead of in Arlington National Cemetery.

Images: Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator Charles Keating IV Laid to Rest

Keating lived in Coronado with his wife, Brooke, and her family. The two married before he deployed, the family told NBC 7.

And many of his neighbors stood on sidewalks and in intersections to show their appreciation for his service.

“I think the expressions of other people to this family are really important to realize that their sacrifice wasn’t in vain,” said Coronado resident Jane Stewart.

School students were encouraged to spend their lunch break along the procession route.

"It's part of being part of this particular community," said Jennifer Moore, Principal of Coronado High School.

She said as educators, they have an obligation to allow students to make a connection with the bigger picture of what's happening in the world.

"This is one of those opportunities," she said.

About a thousand people gathered Thursday in Coronado to honor a U.S. Navy SEAL killed in an ISIS attack last week in Iraq. NBC 7’s Artie Ojeda reports.

In a ceremony Thursday Keating was awarded the Silver Star, the Purple Heart and a second combat ribbon.

A grandson of an Arizona financier involved in the 1980s savings and loan scandal, Keating is the third U.S. service member to be killed in combat in Iraq since U.S. forces returned there in 2014.

The family has asked that, in lieu of flowers, any donations be made to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

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