San Diego CONNECTs with International Space Station

Startups and researchers in San Diego have access to the International Space Station and NASA research under a new partnership.

Biotech scientists and technology developers in San Diego will be able to test their research in a lab orbiting miles above Earth as part of a partnership announced Tuesday in Mission Valley.

The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) and the International Space Station (ISS) will work with CONNECT to develop projects with startups and research labs located in San Diego.

Greg Johnson, CASIS President and Executive Director, said the center is excited to join the innovative cluster found in San Diego.

“We can learn things in space in a microgravity environment, outside of our atmosphere and from a vantage point to observe our planet that we simply can’t do anywhere else,” Johnson said.

San Diego was chosen because of the presence of innovative companies and organizations in our region.

Calling it a “huge coup”, Mayor Kevin Faulconer said the operators of the U.S. lab on the ISS will be establishing a permanent lab in San Diego.

“This is a proud day for our region, for our city and I can’t wait to have the discussion about breakthroughs that will be happening in the space station and in space that have started here from creative people right here in San Diego,” Faulconer said.

To start, CONNECT will serve as a liaison between CASIS and local companies. Eventually, CASIS will have a physical hub in the city.

CASIS was selected by NASA in July 2011 to focus on how the strides made by NASA for those living in space can benefit life on Earth.

The announcement was part of the annual International Space Station (ISS) Research & Development conference which brought astronauts like twins Mark and Scott Kelly to San Diego this week.

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