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San Diego Comedian Wants You to Donate Nike Gear, Not Burn It

A San Diego comedian is hoping to turn anger into opportunity for homeless veterans.

He’s challenging those who are destroying their Nike gear in protest of the brand’s latest advertisement campaign headlined by Colin Kaepernick, to donate the items instead.

U.S. Marine Corps veteran-turned-comedian Mike Vinn says “Don't get mad, get motivated.”

For two days he'll be at the Comedy Store in La Jolla accepting any Nike gear or other shoes, shorts, shirts, hoodies – anything -- that you might otherwise be discarding. He plans to take the items and give them to the Veterans Village of San Diego.

"I don't get why you would burn something perfectly good when someone else could use it," Vinn said. "Apparently there is a big drought with homeless veterans of San Diego with supplies they need, so this is going to help them."

Vinn isn't taking sides on NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem to draw attention to social injustice, he’s just funneling others' anger into action.

"I am tired of everyone just being negative and not doing anything about it. I am tired of false patriotism where they just run their mouths and say whatever it is they want to say and don't have any actions behind it," Vinn said.

Nike may have taken a risk using Kaepernick as its pitchman, but Vinn is determined to make it pay off for San Diego's homeless vets.

You can drop off donations at the Comedy Store during the day, Thursday and Saturday between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

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