San Diego

San Diego City Council to Vote on Two Recreational Marijuana Proposals

One proposal would subject marijuana delivery to the same regulations as licensed dispensaries

A big vote is coming up on Tuesday for the San Diego City Council and it could change the way people legally buy marijuana.

The proposal has two specific points: the first is whether or not to approve recreational use of marijuana. The second would subject marijuana delivery services, which currently fall into a gray area, to the same regulations as licensed dispensaries.

That's great news for people like Ray Taylor who is affectionately known as "Bad Grandpa."

“We spent two years going through rules and regulations with the city so anyone else who wants to be in the cannabis industry should follow the same rules and regulations that we did,” Taylor said.

He runs The Healing Center marijuana dispensary in Mission Valley. It's been open since March, 2016 and Taylor said it cost him $1 million to get off the ground.

Taylor  added that if the regulations are approved, he could see a bump in business too.

On the other side of this, NBC 7 talked to a delivery service and one owner said he is also looking forward to the new regulations getting approved.

“It’s just a matter of staying compliant and understanding what the city expects from a business such as this delivery service,” he said.

He's been working on getting his permit as a storefront, but a concrete regulation for delivery services will give his business more clarity.

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