Gun Clip, Blanks Found in Backpack of San Diego City College Student

A San Diego City College student was removed from class Thursday after he was involved in what school officials described as suspicious activity.

Campus police found a gun clip and blanks along with a gas mask inside the student’s backpack, college spokesperson Jack Beresford told NBC 7.

The unidentified student was questioned by campus police but has not been arrested, Beresford said.

He was, however, suspended by the school. Beresford did not say way, only that the student did not violate any education code because the clip is not a weapon.

The evidence was turned over to the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office for a decision on whether charges will be filed in the case.

Staffers were informed of the incident but a campus-wide message was not sent.

Beresford said administrators felt there was no threat to the campus and no need to urgently inform students of what happened.

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