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San Diego City Attorney, Volunteers Fight Human Trafficking in Massage Parlors

Supervising Deputy City Attorney Patricia Miranda, teamed up with volunteers Saturday, to visit dozens of massage parlors around San Diego, to make sure the businesses are following the rules.

While many massage businesses refused to offer sex, some are havens for illegal activity.

Miranda and volunteers surveyed massage parlors to assure they are displaying a mandatory, human trafficking information poster.

“A lot of these businesses are underground, have human trafficking, have sex workers, who are part of the sex trade against their will,” said Miranda.

Human trafficking generates more than $800 Million annually in San Diego, according to the City Attorney’s office.

The human trafficking posters that are placed in massage businesses, come in several different languages. It reminds employees of the support services that are offered.

“They can see by reading the poster, hey it’s not right that we’re being forced to have sex, to have sex with patrons,” Miranda said. “It’s not ok, and there is help available for them."

The human trafficking posters also education for customers, who are encouraged to report any illegal activity.

There are hundreds of massage parlors operating in the City of San Diego. Many of them do follow the law and don’t offer sex services, but for the workers, who are being forced into sex, the City Attorney is working to free them from the thriving human trafficking trade.

In November 2018, NBC 7 Investigates found of 243 parlors listed in San Diego County, 173 of those parlors offer sex services for a price, according to a website that lists such parlors and includes reviews of the services. Each “review board” includes information on which women provide what sex acts, how much customers tipped the workers and a “candid” explanation of the customer’s experience.

Any volunteers want to join the outreach efforts may contact the City Attorney’s Nuisance Abatement Unit at (619) 533-5500 or email:

If you are a victim of human trafficking, please contact the San Diego Family Justice Center for help at (866) 933-HOPE (4673).

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