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San Diego Chargers Reach Deal With Joey Bosa

San Diego Chargers have reached an agreement with defensive end Joey Bosa, the team announced Monday.

In their post on Twitter, the Chargers say they signed the team's top draft pick to a four-year contract.

“We look forward to having Joey join us and getting him prepared as quickly as possible for the 2016 season,” General Manager Tom Telesco said in a written news release.

The team did not release details on the agreement, but NFL reporter Ian Rapoport said he knew the contract details immediately after the announcement.

Basically that means Bosa cannot be paid by two teams at the same time if he ever left the Chargers under this deal.

After a lengthy holdout, rookie Joey Bosa signed a 4-year deal with the Chargers Monday.
Meanwhile... according to league sources... the team agreed to give Bosa a 17-million dollar signing bonus... and the entire 4-year contract is fully guaranteed.

According to league sources, the team agreed to give Bosa a $17 million dollar signing bonus. His entire 4-year contract is also fully guaranteed. On the other end, it's reported that Bosa's camp agreed to let the Chargers include offset language, which has been a staple for the Bolts in contract negotiations. 

During his press conference at Chargers Park Monday afternoon, Bosa said he was not involved in the business aspect of the negotiations. 

"We just wanted what’s fair and what people in my position have gotten through the last five, six years," said the defensive end. "So we came to a fair deal and there’s no animosity towards any of us. Me towards them, or them towards me, and we’re all just looking forward."

The rookie, out of Ohio State University, said he tried his best to stay off of social media while his contract was being finalized. He even went as far as deleting the Twitter and Instagram applications from his phone to keep the negative comments out of sight.

"I know it's all noise and the second I make a good play they'll all be on my side again," said Bosa of the angry social media followers. 

While Bosa stayed away from social media, his mother, Cheryl, made headlines with her Twitter and Facebook posts criticizing the Chargers.

"What do you expect a mom to do? She loves me. She wants what's best for me," said Bosa of his mother's comments. "She made a dumb decision like I have before, saying something she shouldn't have said on social media. She honestly didn't know it was public. She thought she was sending it to someone else. Leave it to mom to mess up on Facebook."

Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy also spoke about Bosa's return to San Diego.

"We'll take it one day at a time. He came in great shape," said Mccoy when asked about getting Bosa up to speed. "He came in great shape and when we think he's ready to go out there and play, he'll be out there with us."

The team has not officially announced if Bosa will play in the last preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers at Qualcomm Stadium this Thursday, but he will be joining his team at practice for the first time since signing his contract on Tuesday. 

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