Chargers Playoff Tickets Available, But Not Cheap

Travel packages have sold out and average tickets are selling for $250.

Tickets for Sunday's Chargers NFL playoff game at the Denver Broncos are available, but they're going to cost you.

As of Wednesday morning tickets on, a national online ticket marketplace owned by eBay, more than 3,800 tickets are available. The average ticket price on the site is around $250, according to StubHub spokesperson Cameron Papp.

"It's right around where we would expect," he said. "It's a little higher than Denver's (playoff) game last year against the ravens. That's to be expected because it's a division game."

The cheapest goes for $110.90, but that's a single seat in the 30th row of the 500 level. The cheapest pair is $126, also in the 500 level. The most expensive ticket on the site is a sideline club seat running $9,905.

"I would expect the price to go down a little bit," he said. "We generally see that with playoff games when you only have a week to sell the game."

Papp said about 25 percent of StubHub's sales for the game are coming from the state of California. "That is a pretty high number for a visiting team," he said, adding that only about 3 percent of tickets for the San Francisco 49ers game at the Carolina Panthers are from the state.

According to Connor Gregoire at, Sunday's game is the most in-demand Chargers game -- home or away -- since 2009. Ticket prices are well exceeding those for last Sunday's game in Cincinnati, where the Bengals had trouble selling out the game.

"What's really driving demand is Chargers fans," he said. "We don't see those numbers from a visiting fan base."

The Chargers offered a number of travel packages to the game, which include airfare, hotel, a club seat ticket to the game and food deal for $1,650 per person. Those packages sold out quickly.

"It's done," said Gil Saidy, president of AER Travel, which was offering the packages. "Every time the Chargers make the playoffs, the city goes bonkers. They sell their first born. They want to go. It's complete insanity."

He said the company sold 70 travel packages, but could have sold around 300 if they had more inventory. "We didn't have many tickets, that's the thing."

He said there will be a similar offer for next Sunday's conference championship game if the Chargers win this week. That game will be played in either Boston or Indianapolis. Gregoire added that tickets for that game -- in either city -- are starting at around $240.

For those going to the game in Denver, the place to be is Jackson's bar, right next to Coors Field. There will be a party for Chargers fans on Saturday night.

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