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San Diego Businesses Learning to Adapt, Anticipate Reopening

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As business owners wait to reopen, some are trying to spend this downtime preparing their facilities so they have everything ready when it's time to reopen.

Sanitation is something that businesses like salons are already familiar with, but others have never had to think about it so intently. The increased focus on sanitation and social distancing could mean fewer customers and less money.

Courtney Henderson owns Hendo Studios, a photography studio in Kearny Mesa, and said he usually has clients back to back, all day long. Once he reopens, he knows a lot will change.

Henderson has spent much of his downtime learning about sanitation protocols for his 2,000-square-foot studio. For one, the photographer will have to wear a mask and guests will have to exit out the back.

"Sanitize everything from the lobby to the shooting area. Once that is done, open up and the new guest comes in," he explained. "I have maybe five sessions a day so maybe I can only get two or three sessions."

In another industry, hairstylist Luis Gaspar is well versed in sanitation protocols, but he is taking it a step further.

He said he took an online class specifically about COVID-19 and how to ensure clients feel safe. He said clients will be screened for symptoms, including having their temperature taken.

"Let's say we see eight clients a day. We might have to cut down to half of that. In that aspect, it is going to cut down on the amount of money that we are making," Gaspar told NBC 7.

To make up for the decreased income, some businesses will have to think outside of the box to make some money. Henderson says he will make face masks for now.

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