San Diego Businesses Remain Closed Despite Removal From State Watch List

On Tuesday, San Diego County was been removed from the state watch list since it’s been three days that the county has had an average of less than 100 cases reported per 100,000 residents.

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San Diego County was officially removed from the state's coronavirus watch list Tuesday, but most business owners still find themselves in the same boat they were in on Monday.

The uncertainty of when indoor operations can resume is frustrating many business owners, and salon owners are no exception.

"We want to do what we love, we want our business to thrive, we need to generate income to pay our bills," said Angelica Sele, owner of Angelica B Beauty. "Our rent is going to be due at the end of the month."

Sele wants to make it to her beauty studio’s decade anniversary, but under state restrictions she’s not allowed to operate indoors.

"In April from the month prior we had dropped $20,000 in one month," said Sele.

The Latina business owner worries that every day closed is another day risking losing small businesses like hers.

Photos: San Diego Businesses Continue To Be Closed Despite Removal From State's Watch List

"The reason I created this and the reason I'm strong and I can empower my clients is because I've always had faith, I've always had hope," she said.

Sele said while not knowing when she can fully reopen is chipping away at her hope, she's managing to be optimistic. She is offering virtual consultations and selling products online.

"You have all this potential, but you can’t do anything and it's very frustrating," said Sele.

For a few weeks she was up and running before the county was forced to reverse reopenings, during that time she had a system in place.

"I have nurses as clients, I'm getting all of the information, and were trying to do the best that we can and I feel confident we'll do the best we can," Sele said. "But, I just want to open."

San Diego County Health officials said for now, all current restrictions on businesses or other activities, including those required to operate outdoors, remain in place.

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