Ocean Beach

San Diego Begins Repairs on Iconic Ocean Beach Pier

City crews need a break from Mother Nature to install scaffolding.

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It is the second longest pier on the West Coast, and for 55 years, it has taken a beating from Mother Nature.

“I love this ocean and I love this pier,” declared North Park resident Sandra Stampfl as she stood at the base of the Ocean Beach Pier.

Damage to OB Pier
Jim Grant
Damage to OB Pier

“We were out on this when the waves were hitting our toes years ago,” recalled Stampfl. “The waves were hitting our toes when we were standing on that pier.”

The city of San Diego said those same waves are responsible for damaging a couple of piles that hold the pier above water. This week, the city started preparing the OB Pier for repairs.

“I’m happy that they decided to renovate the pier,” said Franz Thoma as he walked with his family along the pier.

More than 500,000 people walk the pier every year, according to officials. At least they did until strong surf damaged the pier in January. This was following a few years ago, when wind and waves ripped the railing apart. The city secured $8.4 million to renovate the structure, with the work taking place during the next four months. Officials are still weighing whether to completely replace the aging pier, which would cost far more money.

“Well, if it’s unsafe, it’s a good idea,” Stampfl said with a shrug. “I don’t want it to suddenly be pretty or chrome-y. I still want it to look like the OB Pier always.”

The city doesn’t have a timetable for when it will install scaffolding for the repairs. A spokesman said it needs a little help from the weather and tides.

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