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Ready to Pay for Parking Again? San Diego Begins Enforcing Rules

Parking enforcement was put on pause in March due to the coronavirus pandemic but people will start having to pay for parking tickets again starting Oct. 15

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San Diegans are going to have to start keeping an eye on the parking meter as the city beings doling out parking citations again to those not in compliance.

The city began enforcing parking citations at the beginning of October but gave a two-week grace period to allow locals to get used to the rules again. Starting Thursday, Oct. 15, though, San Diegans should expect to pay for any ticket they receive.

The city stopped enforcing parking rules back in March when the stay-at-home order was put in place. The city has attempted to start enforcing the rules since then, but ongoing shutdown orders have prevented them from beginning the enforcement.

Now, the county has retained its spot in the red tier and allowed several businesses to reopen, meaning more people will be out and about and more parking spots will be filled.

For the first two weeks, a grace period will allow locals to get used to the enforcement again. Courtesy notices will be distributed to residents to inform them of the parking enforcement.

The city will also begin issuing warnings for vehicles that violate rules associated with street sweeping, metered parking, curb time limits, and commercial zones.

Starting Oct. 15, drivers who violate any parking rules will be ticketed and have to pay a fine.

The City of Chula Vista, meanwhile, said that their free parking along the downtown Third Avenue district continues through Oct. 31 to encourage visitors to shop and dine locally.

The city of Oceanside always enforced parking meters, though they did discontinue street sweeping for a while. That will start back up soon.

And the city of El Cajon has "for the most part stopped parking restrictions. However, there are circumstances in which to meet public expectations that we have engaged in limited enforcement."

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