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San Diego Beaches See Visitors Ahead of Heat Wave

A heatwave rolling through Southern California will send temperatures soaring in San Diego County's western valleys, mountains and deserts this weekend

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San Diego County is expecting a heatwave this weekend, with temperatures hitting the triple digits in some parts of the county. While some want a reprieve from the heat they need to do so while keeping safe from the coronavirus.

"It's going to be 117 degrees tomorrow in the Imperial Valley so we're just rejoicing at the great weather here, the water is beautiful," said Walter Colace visiting from El Centro.

While coastal communities will not have to worry about seeing triple-digit degrees, many people dealing with the hot weather from inland and desert communities are paying the beach a visit.

"Fourth of July was a little bit crowded, but right now it seems a little bit down," said Colace. "I think the beach is one of the safest places to be right now."

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Belmont Park's peak season is in July, but they are seeing record-low attendance.

Across the county many indoor places are closed, meaning the water is among the few popular destinations left. At Belmont Park, they are partially open for business.

"With every new segment that we're being asked to close and modify that is costing jobs constantly," said Daniela Bower with Belmont Park. "It's definitely a struggle and it's been tough."

Belmont Park rides aren't running and indoor arcades are closed off, but they do have outside arcades, games as well as food spots and shops open.

A heat advisory is in effect for the inland valleys to the mountains beginning Saturday. As well as an excessive heat warning for the deserts.

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