New Parking Garage Proposed at Lindbergh Field

The panel will consider a proposal to build a three-story parking structure at Lindbergh Field

The California Coastal Commission will consider a proposal to build a three-story parking structure at Lindbergh Field when it meets in San Diego Thursday.

The San Diego Airport Authority says the garage will be built on top of an existing parking lot at Terminal 2 and will add 1,700 more parking spaces.

However, critics say more must be done to promote public transportation before creating more parking spaces.

San Diego International Airport needs more parking now, officials said. The Airport Authority said it will work on a public transit outreach program to promote people using public transportation in and out of the airport.

Before the Coastal Commission approves this parking, the panel wants to make sure they get progress reports on those improvements.

Colin Parent with Circulate San Diego believes better connections to the trolley and buses have to be established.

“I'm not really persuaded that a giant parking garage is the best investment for the airport to be making," he said.

His organization promotes better land use planning and design. Their aim is to create more transportation choices throughout the region.

"The biggest reason why people don't take transit is that it's not convenient for them, in their circumstances,” Parent said.

He would prefer to see the Airport Authority encourage passengers to leave their cars at home.

The Airport Authority says it would be willing to promote public transit, but can't spend money to make it happen.

They say they can inform passengers about public transportation options but only public transit agencies can build that infrastructure.

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