Locals Weigh in on ISIS Airstrikes

As United States airstrikes rain down on ISIS in Syria, San Diegans can’t help but feel mixed emotions.

“The airstrikes? I’m for it and also against it,” said local Vincent Cricchio.

Cricchio said that when terrorists took down the Twin Towers on September 11th, he was overwhelmed with emotion.

“I cried. A man like me crying doesn’t happen often,” explained Cricchio.

He said that in the months following those terror attacks, he applauded U.S. government’s plans to retaliate by invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

But, after a decade of U.S. forces in the Middle East, he’s concerned of what will rise from the ashes of airstrikes in Syria.

“For us to get involved in other people's business is encouraging terrorists to get revenge on America,” he said.

The War on Terror has cost thousands of U.S. soldiers their lives. And, though President Obama has said there will no U.S. boots on the ground in the battle against ISIS, it’s no guarantee against more American casualties.

“I’ve grown up with war fatigue and it's very tiresome,” said San Diegan Roz Cook.

Cook is a Democrat who doesn't see eye-to- eye politically with her Republican daughter, Polly Looper.

But both believe U.S. military action against ISIS is necessary no matter the cost or time on foreign soil.

“If you put an end date on it, the enemies may see the end date as an opportunity," explained Looper.

“I believe strongly in human rights and I get offended by those who trounce all over people that can’t take care of themselves," said Cook.

Sanford A. Lakoff, research professor and professor emeritus of political science at UC San Diego, is focused on issues in the Middle East and believes the U.S. made a mistake not going into Syria earlier.

His concern now is no boots on the ground, as he believes troops will be needed on site to root out members of ISIS who will likely embed themselves amongst civilians.


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