San Diegans Stand with Ukraine and Its Flag

Local stores are running out of supplies of the blue and yellow flag

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San Diegans looking to show their solidarity with Ukraine found the best symbol to be the country’s blue and yellow flag.

“We ran out of patches, decals, lapel pins and all Ukrainian flags that we had in stock,” said a smiling Robin Steen as she arranged some of the new stock of Ukrainian flags inside All the King’s Flags, which is in Old Town.

“They want to show that they’re showing support for everybody who’s hurting right now,” Steen explained. “Any time when your family’s hurting, you want to show that your heart is there, your soul is there.”

All the King’s Flags sells everything from state flags to holiday banners. Steen said she did occasionally sell Russian flags.

“I haven’t seen a whole lot in the last week," Steen said. "In the last week, it’s been Ukraine."

The blue and yellow colors could be seen illuminating alongside many buildings in San Diego County, including in Balboa Park and Chula Vista’s City Hall.

Steen said she would OK selling another Russian flag as long as it served a peaceful purpose alongside Ukraine’s flag.

“You do try to be supportive because they both are worried about their families, and that’s a hard thing, no matter what and who you are,” Steen said.

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