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San Diegans Share Concerns Over Healthcare Coverage

Covered California is warning that under the Republican-proposed Better Care Reconciliation Act, deductibles would skyrocket and instability in the national health care arena could threaten rates in the state.

Though some experts say it is still too early to tell what will happen going forward, many San Diegans are concerned about their health care coverage. 

One woman, who did not want to be identified, told NBC 7 that she only has health care coverage because of the Affordable Care Act.

Her message to lawmakers: “Keep us healthy and safe."

In San Diego's East County, Sen. Joel Anderson (R-38th District) told NBC 7 that many of his constituents are concerned about the cost of health care.

Some who had insurance in the past cannot afford it anymore under Obamacare, he said.

"Of course, I think we should have access to health care," Anderson said. "But it's got to be in a balanced way that lifts everybody -- it's not just focused on taking from the middle class to give to the poor."

In the wake of the possible instability, health facilities, like City Heights' La Maestra Health Center, are stepping up as much as possible to try and help residents. The center provides medical, dental and mental health services for anyone in need, regardless of their health care coverage. 

Director of Development Corrine Knutson told NBC 7 that the center is preparing to double their capacity. 

"Because we can see such a need in our community, so we can't turn a blind eye to our patients," Knutson said.

In the meantime, all eyes are on the nation's capitol to see what lawmakers will do as they move forward to repeal and possibly replace Obamacare.

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